Friday, May 16, 2014

How to Make the Transition to a New Treasurer in 2 Easy Steps!

I've recently seen some emails from treasurers who are transitioning to a new board and it reminded me to let everyone know again just how easy it is to do that with Treasurer's Briefcase.

The comedian Steve Martin would do a little skit - "How to be a millionaire and never pay taxes!"
  • First, get a million dollars...
  • Next, when the IRS comes to your door, 2 simple words!  "I forgot!"
I guess that's sort of how you transition to the next treasurer...
Seriously, we all know the first part is probably the hardest part.  Finding someone to be the treasurer can be difficult.  You want someone you can trust with this important job, hopefully someone with some knowledge of basic accounting and who has organizational skills.

It's not that easy sometimes to find the right person.  It's even harder when the last treasurer did a poor job, the finances are a mess and no one knows where the records are.  If you want to make it easy, year in and year out to find a treasurer, make the job easy with Treasurer's Briefcase.

If you are the president of the organization you can make it much easier to find and retain a good treasurer by giving him or her the right tool and by not asking them to clean up someone else's mess all of the time.  Handing someone a box of records and a disk with some Excel spreadsheets is not the way to make it easy on the next volunteer.

So, really, how do you transition to the next treasurer using Treasurer's Briefcase?
  • First, add the new treasurer as a user by accessing the Settings->Users menu and clicking on the Add User button.

  • Then, set the new user as the primary contact by accessing the Settings->Organization  menu and changing the primary contact in the drop down.

Yup, it's that simple.  You're done...and now it's Tina's turn!


  1. I'm evaluating Treasurers Briefcase for our small social and fundraising club. I like the simplicity but maybe it is too simple. We want to be able to set up our own chart of accounts for example, as in cost codes and expense codes, but that doesn't seem to be possible here. I'd also like to export membership payments to a current members list and identify members who are in default.

    1. Treasurer's Briefcase does that for you behind the scenes. When you add your own custom categories, Treasurer's Briefcase automatically sets up the required expense and revenue accounts it the background. The application is made for those with little or no accounting background, although the system is constructed using the same approach (chart of accounts) as more sophisticated accounting packages. - Hope that helps.


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